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This next internet business idea has enormous potential in the food niche, specifically scalloped potatoes.

Do you like scalloped potatoes? Whether you do or not the fact is almost everyone has heard of them and it’s also a very highly searched term according to Google.

If you are someone who has an interest in scalloped potatoes or would just like to enter this very specific food market, then this definitely is the business you should be in.

Before I shell out the the details for this scalloped potatoes online business idea, here are some valuable online statistics about this very tasty side dish.

The keyword “scalloped potatoes” gets an exact search volume of 165,000 per month worldwide and 110,000 per month in the United States.



Scalloped potatoes has a worldwide interest including regions from Canada, US, New Zealand, Australia, and UK.


  Scalloped potatoes has a variety of popular sub niches and markets to tap into:  


Here’s the best and easiest way to leverage this very popular food and turn it into an online business.

1. Purchase the domain –

You can purchase by contacting us here.

2. Get a hosting package with Hostgator and configure the name servers. –

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3. Install WordPress and a nice looking theme along with an SEO plugin, contact form, share plugin, and sitemap.

4. Add a 500-1,000 word article reviewing a different scalloped potatoe recipe every day for 90 days.

5. Share every post you make on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other popular social media sites.

6. Create a video to go along with every article and upload it on Youtube and share it as well on all social media sites.

7. When you start getting traffic add AdSense to the site.

If done correctly, you should have made some money from people clicking on your ads. You can now decide to continue promoting it, adding more content and make more money off the site, or sell it for a premium at Flippa.

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