How To Register A Domain Name For Cheap


In the first video tutorial on How To Make A Website, we walked you through the 3 main tools you need to be able to make a website.

Now, that you know what is required let’s walk you through the first step of actually registering the domain name.

1. Go to

2. Think of the name you would want for your website – You should not rush this step as this is the name you will be sharing with the world, so make sure it is something you will be proud of.

Try to stay away from hyphens(-) in your domain name as this would be confusing when telling people your new website name.

A good rule of thumb is to choose a name that describes what your website is about. For example if you’re really into cars then a good name would be something like, or

The more creative the name the better as this could translate to more visitors simply because the name peaked their interest. All of a sudden you now have a new returning visitor because they not only love your content, but because your domain name was something that caught their attention.

3. Choose a .com extension – If the .com is not available for a specific name try to find a similar name with a .com extension. Select .net as a last resort and do not go with any other extensions.

4. Purchase domain – Add the domain to your cart by clicking on the add to cart button then click on view cart.

On the next page you’re going to notice a promo code field underneath the confirm order button. Go to and find the latest promo code of the month. Go back to Namecheap and enter in the promo code and click apply.

If done correctly you’ll will have applied a 10% discount on your new domain name.

Click on confirm order and you are done!

Congratulations! You are now the owner of your domain!

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