How To Make A Website


To learn how to make a website you must first learn what is required to make a website.

Don’t worry this does not mean you have to be a master web designer. As a matter of fact, you do not need any web design skills whatsoever to setup a website.

All you need to know are the right tools to use and that’s exactly what we’re going to show you in this tutorial. Once you learn these basic tools then you’re on your way to making a website of your own faster than you ever imagined.


So, here we go.

The 3 tools you will need to make a website are:

1. A domain name – The actual name and address of the website (ex. To register a domain of your own you can go to Namecheap and register one now or just click here.

The cost of registering a domain is less than $10 per year. At the end of the year you can choose to renew it or let it expire. If you choose to renew it you just pay the same price to keep it for another year.

To learn how to get a discount on your Namecheap domain go to the post, How To Get 10% off of Your Domain Name.

2. Hosting service – This is where you would upload all of your web files so that your website could be seen online. To get hosting go to Hostgator or just click here.

The cost for web hosting is less than $10 per month.

3. Content – Without content all you have is an empty website that no one will be interested in visiting. To get actual visitors to your site you must have interesting articles, videos, and/or pictures that entice visitors to stick around and explore more of your site.

If you do not want to create your own content you can click here and let us create it for you.

Now that you know the 3 things you need to make a website of your own, let’s walk you through the first step:

How To Register A Domain Name.


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