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After 7 frustrating hours of troubleshooting the issue of verifying our domain through Flippa,  we finally got it listed. is now at auction at Flippa with a starting bid of just $10!

Here’s your opportunity to own a highly profitable domain in the increasing popular online food delivery niche.

With more and more people transitioning from ordering food the traditional way to ordering takeout online, this domain is a perfect investment for anyone who is either trying to get into the trending multi-billion dollar industry or needs to send additional traffic to their existing food related sites.

We originally were thinking of creating an online food location search site, but our programmer who we wanted to work with suddenly got booked on another project, so we’re left to sell the domain.

Here’s a simple picture of what we had in mind(Feel free to use this idea if you plan on purchasing):


The most popular of online takeout sites that have a search function like this is of course, GrubHub.

What we wanted to do with was connect people to GrubHub’s enormous¬† 70,000+ database of restaurants you can order takeout online including more unfamiliar food spots.

Do you see the potential of this domain name now?

Just think of all of that online food traffic just waiting to use to help them find the nearest place to eat and place an order online without having to pick up the phone.

Something else to note the keyword “closest food” has been frequently indexed 688,000 times according to Google and was first registered back in 2011. That means this domain has a higher advantage over the rest of the competing pages for this term to be ranked #1 in Google. Add to that a solid age of 3 years, a cost-per-click value of $4.11 and you have yourself a winning domain name.

Transfer of this domain will be through GoDaddy, so make sure to open an account if you’re interested in buying.

Hurry though this auction will only last 17 days!

For more information just go the auction link below.

Good luck and happy bidding!




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